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Why We’re Here

Fit For All is a personal training and nutrition coaching provider focused on personalized
training programs and actionable nutrition education.

Menya Hinga, Head Trainer at Fit For All, is also the Co-founder and Director of Operations at SOGO Fitness, a non-profit fitness empowerment platform based in Tokyo, as well as an experienced strength coach, personal trainer, and Animal Flow instructor with a passion for movement.

At Fit For all we believe that given the appropriate tools and opportunity, anyone has the ability to do great things. Training programs are


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What people are saying about us


“Fit For All has transformed my lifestyle and energy levels through nutrition and fitness. It really is a new world that I didn’t know of. It takes a bit of work and discipline but the rewards are tenfold.”

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“I’ve been training with Fit For All for 9 months and the results I’ve seen are largely due to my trainer’s perfect combination of diverse training methods and the confidence he’s instilled in me through positive feedback and encouragement.”

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“I originally wanted to get in shape for my wedding, but I loved working with Fit For All and achieved such good results that I couldn’t quit! 3 months of hard work in combination with dietary advice made my weight, strength and bodily shape improve. I feel great!”

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Services We Offer

At Fit For All we take the stress out of exercise so you can focus on you.

Training can be done at a variety of locations including gyms, parks,
rooftops, studios, or even in the comfort of your own home.
We customize everything to meet your specific needs.

Listed below are the available services:

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training
  • Online Personal Training
  • Group & Team Training
  • Nutrition Consulting

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