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“I want to to get fit and shed all the weight I’ve gradually gained working in an office for the last 20 years–it’s just sneaked on! My diet is ok, but I always eat out with clients and friends. I really need to get my health back on track.”
“I’ve never stepped foot in a gym and wouldn’t know where to start if I did. Is there a course for beginners?”
“I work out all the time and eat healthily, but I’m not happy with the way my clothes fit anymore. I just want to get my pre-baby body back but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”
“I’m super active and eat clean but I’m tired of doing the same workouts and seeing the same results. I want to step up my training, get in proper shape, and start enjoying exercise again. Do you have any ideas?”
“I’ve always worked out in the gym but it gets harder and harder to keep weight off. I just can’t eat like I did when I was younger. What should I be doing differently?”

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