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We bring the workout to you.

Train at
Your Home

Nothing is more convenient than training at home.

And let’s face it, no one likes the smelly guy who drops weights and drips sweat all over the gym.

At Fit For All we bring the workout to you. That means:

No packing

Just throw on a pair of trainers and you’re ready to go.

No planning

We come prepared so you don’t have to.

No pressure

Put on your favorite playlist. This is your house.

Train At Home

Train at
The Gym

More space and more equipment means more options.

Whether in your apartment gym or the one close to your office, this is the perfect place for full on workouts. We’ll use:


Dynamic warmups will stretch you out and warm you up.


Machines are good, but functional training is even better.


Seeing others’ progress can help propel you even further.

Train At The Gym


Tokyo is one of the most dynamic cities in the world.


You don’t have to train in the basement when the great outdoors is at your doorstep. Train outside and enjoy:

Stunning scenery

Dozens of shrines and pristine parks to choose from.

Fresh air

Air quality is great throughout the concrete jungle.

Vitamin D

Japan is called the Land of the Rising Sun for a reason.

Train Outdoors

Train at
Komazawa Olympic Park

Constructed in 1964 to help host the Summer Olympics, Komazawa Olympic Park now serves as a massive public sports complex.

As well as baseball fields, tennis courts, and a world-class stadium, you can access:

A 2-kilometer jogging course

Prefer walking or cycling? It has lanes for all three.

A state-of-the-art gym

Don’t forget to bring a pair of indoor training shoes.

An Olympic Track

Perfect for warmups and high-intensity interval training.

Train At Komazawa Olympic Park

Train when and where you want with the best in the business.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours. It’s that simple.

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